Lusorecursos is a portuguese company for prospecting, extracting and transforming raw materials, with a strong technological value, in particular, to produce high-quality lithium ion batteries.

Lusorecursos will install an industrial complex for the chemical processing of lithium compound, starting from petalite concentrates, obtained through the extraction and processing of granitic pegmatites (LCT).

The Lusorecursos company have a qualified technical team and is external partners world renowned, with relevant experience to the development of its projects, in the areas of exploration/search and exploitation of mineral resources.

Lusorecursos develops their activity in exploration, search and exploitation of granitic pegmatites (LCT-Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum). This initiative involves the implementation of exploration and research projects in order to achieve the needs for critical raw materials. The Exploration of Lithium Mineral Deposits and Associated Minerals - “Romano” project aims at the extraction of raw materials, with a strong technological value for the production of high quality lithium ion batteries, through the chemical processing of lithium compounds (lithium hydroxide), starting from concentrates of litiniferous minerals, obtained through extraction.


Lusorecursos creates and executes projects for the exploitation, transformation and recovery of critical raw materials, for a global green economy, promoting sustainable development.


Lusorecursos intends to be recognized as a Portuguese mining group, of excellence in the global market, for the quality raw materials which extracts and transform, with a commitment to continuous improvement, contributing to the continuous improvement of processes, its human resources and the surrounding regions.


Lusorecursos, with the projects in progress, reached a favourable position in the market that enhances the effective valorisation of natural resources, either through exploitation or conservation, being able to compete for attractive mining areas and concessions and achieve high levels of competitiveness.

Head Office:
Av. D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, nº 321
5470-203 Montalegre, Portugal

Tlf: (00351) 276 094 507

Braga Delegation:
Galerias do Parque Rua 25 de Abril, no 21-A
4700-289 Braga, Portugal

Tlf: (00351) 964 802 683

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