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Portugal has a favorable jurisdiction and an activemining sector since prehistory. The Romans may be the main ancient civilizationto extensively explore the Portuguese mineral resources. 

The main mineral targets in Portugal consist of tungsten, tin, antimony and gold, along with polymetallic sulphides. In what concerns to metallogetics, the northand central regions of Portugal are located in the tungsten-northeasternprovince of the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, which is characterized bythe occurrence of aplitopegmatitic and hydrothermal structures that are locallyenriched in minerals of these metals, as well as minerals of lithium.  

sepeda project

On December 2012, the rights , the rights to prospect and search for lithium, tungsten and tin mineral deposits were granted exclusively to the area designated by SEPEDA to LUSORECURSOS.  

The Sepeda prospect is located in Northern Portugal, in the Vila Real district. It distances approximately 100Km from Braga, 150 Km from Porto and 37 Km from Chaves.

The preliminary studyallowed the definition of three main target areas: Carvalhais, Serra da Sepedaand Zebral. So far, the work of prospection and research consisted of remotesensing and geological mapping, followed by a sampling program and geophysicalsurveys (resistivity, induced polarization and magnetometry). Finally, surveyswere carried out demonstrating great viability for exploration. 

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